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Tired of living with fear when you look over your shoulder and see a cop car behind you? Been meaning to take care of some old warrants, but do not know how to do so?

Call El Don Bail Bonds!

We have been doing it for over 50 years and we can spell out your options!

The Basics:

There is one major type of warrant that can really cause problems: a "Bench Warrant" issued by a judge.This is when someone misses a court hearing, and a judge issues of warrant.The warrant has a monetary value; that value is the amount of bail that needs be posted to lift the warrant and schedule a new hearing.Or sometimes, a bench warrant is issued on a new case that has been filed against someone, in that case the 'arrest warrant' will also have a monetary value that need be posted to lift the warrant and set a future court date.

Please call us ASAP to let us help clear ANY bench warrants. Time is of the essence, it is the job of law enforcement to apprehend those people with warrants, and between routine traffic stops to enforcement teams, it is ONLY a matter of time until the warrant is served and someone winds up in jail!

We will find out the 'wheres, whats and how muchs' -all the details about the warrant. Its all part of El Don's free warrant check plan, and we will do if for you if you give us a call.