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After being apprehended for contravening the law in one way or another, you will be processed and sent to the county jail pending your court hearing. Depending on the crime at hand, you will be given a chance to post bail before the trial date.

There are ways of doing this; posting cash bail for the bond, enlisting a bail bonds service to post a surety bond, or the judge can let you free until arraignment on own recognizance. These options allow you to avoid the jail experience and to resume normalcy such as work and to attend to family responsibilities as you prepare to appear before a judge. If you want help posting a surety bond in Moreno Valley, El Don Bail Bonds is here to help you.

Posting bail should not be perceived as a pre-trial punishment or a fine, but there are differing views about how bail is utilized in the criminal justice system. A bail bond is usually not required when dealing with misdemeanor charges, but this largely depends on aggravating and mitigating factors. We shall discuss a few concerns of bail (further below) but first, let us understand how the bail system works for people without cash.

Why are Bail Bond Agents Important?

The cash bail system works for clients who are endowed with money and can afford to transfer the required amount to the court system. We appreciate that posting bail is not a reality for millions of Americans who barely have well-paying jobs, let alone savings to spare. Moreover, some people don't want their money tied up when the court proceedings are underway as this could take anywhere between months and years.

These scenarios are where Moreno Valley bail bonds come in to intervene, so defendants don't have to remain in jail while their case is pending arraignment or during the court proceedings. A bail bond is a type of bail payment paid by a bail bond agent on behalf of a defendant, who must agree to pay the agent a certain amount for this service. A bail guarantor must be licensed by the California Department of Insurance before they can legally help people in need of bail money.

A judge is responsible for determining how much bail is needed and the conditions of your temporary release. You will not pay additional fees to the bail bond agent provided the defendant attends all court dates as required by the presiding judge.

In this arrangement, the agent agrees to act as a surety promising the court they will pay the full bail bond fee if the defendant misses a court hearing. The agent then ‘secures the bond' and gives the court a surety bond to safeguard them from paying the full amount if the defendant refuses to appear in court. It also covers them financially if the defendant is not located in a reasonable time.

What are the Fees for Commercial Bail Services?

Commercial bail services typically charge different fees depending on the charge at hand; 10% for a state charge and 15% for a federal indictment. These fees must be paid upfront, but if you don't have this premium at hand, the bail agent may consider your credit score for the time being.

Our Moreno Valley Bail Bonds agents understand that raising this fee can be difficult for some clients, especially when the bail figure is high. To this end, we accept flexible payment options to allow you enough time to raise the cash, and we do accept major payment cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Qualifying for flexible payment plans requires the Indemnitor or co-signer of the bond to have a good credit rating or own a home in the state of California. 

Presenting Collateral for Bonds

There are instances where the agent can take a guarantee to ensure the defendant attends court hearings as scheduled. If they go the collateral way, real estate options are usually the number one choice. The agent may also ask you to sign a security interest in a vehicle or other valuable asset they can possess if the defendant fails to attend any of the mandated court hearings.

Apart from being cash strapped, a bail company can ask for collateral when the bond is too high above $150,000 and also for foreign clients. The latter is termed as high-risk bonds due to the client's potential to flee the country.

The bail bond company must return the collateral once the case is closed. For clients paying cash, the 10% or 15% fees are not refundable as they are used to compensate the bond agent for the services rendered to keep you out of jail.

Who is Eligible for Bail?

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for bail, and the court will have to make a few considerations about the defendant:

  • Family obligations
  • Court and criminal history
  • Physical and mental health
  • Drug and alcohol abuse and addictions
  • Financial capacity to post bail
  • Are they a risk to the community?
  • Concern over attending hearings

If the court determines that you are eligible for posting bail, they may impose some requirements on you depending on the findings of the background screening. For instance, they may ask that you refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs, start psychiatric treatment, stay in the custody of a court-appointed person, don't own or use a firearm, limit your travel, etc.

Employment, no-contact orders, and routinely checking in before the trial are other standard requirements attached to issuing bail. Bail is usually posted during these stages of court proceedings:

  • Before the trial commences
  • Pending execution of sentence
  • Before appealing a conviction or sentence

What Happens if the Defendant Skips Bail?

Skipping bail has ramifications for all entities concerned. Should you, the defendant, skip bail, bail bonds agent is allowed to locate you and present you to the court. They are contractually obligated to present the defendant to the jurisdiction of the court so they (the bond agent) can recoup the cash given under this bond. They will hire a bounty hunter to locate you, and these people are legally allowed to work in many jurisdictions, and they can use force.

What's more, the missing defendant will forfeit the bail you posted, and your co-signers are on the hook to pay the bond amount. If anyone had offered their home as collateral, they stand a risk of foreclosure and possibly losing their home.

What Information Does a Bail Bond Agent Need?

If your only recourse is engaging a qualified bail bonds agent, they will need some essential details starting with where the defendant is being held – the name of the jail. The next vital information is the person's legal name and to find their booking if possible, and the amount of bail the court requested.

Once they compute the amount of bail needed to get your family member or friend out of jail, the next step is discussing how you intend to pay this fee. Our Moreno Valley bail bonds service is open to discussing flexible payment plans for clients who are unable to raise these funds on a moment's notice.

What Sets Us Apart?

Apart from offering the lowest rates permitted by the law, we give a 20% discount on our Moreno Valley Bail Bonds where applicable. We will customize your payment plan so your finances are not stretched too thin as you take care of other vital aspects like hiring the best defense attorney you can afford.

Our relationship with you doesn't end when we cash the cheque. Do we continue helping clients by providing helpful information such as what happens when bail is posted? What is the dress code? These and many questions will come to mind as you prepare to post bond, and the legal processes start to unfold. We are mindful of how things fare in court, and while we cannot provide expert advice, you can trust our devoted agents to answer your calls and be helpful.

Disadvantages of Moreno Valley Bail Bonds

When facing criminal charges of any kind, you want to understand all the options available to you, especially when it comes to posting bail. You should understand the downside to use commercial bail bonding so you can make informed decisions. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • There is a non-refundable premium (10% or 15%) of the full bail amount
  • Co-signers or the defendant are required to offer collateral for the entire bond
  • Absconding court dates means being hunted down by bounty hunters

People who are up in arms against commercial bail cite the above cons and vehemently advocate for court deposit systems to become universal. In this method, defendants who qualify for bail will post 10% of the bail amount and get a refund after the trial minus administrative fees.

Find Affordable Bail Bond Services Near Me

The debate about whether posting bail discriminates against defendants of modest means will continue, but meanwhile, you need a quick solution to your legal issues. The last thing you want is to get stuck in jail awaiting trial as things can move slowly due to the infamous congestion in the criminal justice system.

El Don Bail Bonds is your preferred partner when it comes to posting bail in Moreno Valley, and our clients can attest that we do everything possible to help. Contact us at 760-342-0444 so we can intervene and have you or your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. 


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