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Despite being arrested, one still has a chance to get out of jail in the quickest means possible. A bail bond would be the best solution for such circumstances. This is a money deposit that allows a suspect to be released from jail, prove that they will return for the trial, or forfeit the trial in exchange for the bail amount. If you have been arrested, you need to seek help from a professional bail bond company. If you want to get your loved one or yourself out of a Blythe Jail, reach out to us at the El Don Bail Bonds. We will provide the best expert services that match your expectations.


Arrest and Booking Procedure

There are specific series of events that follow after an arrest. The police have a mandate to follow these procedures to make the arrest legal and follow your constitutional rights as well. Once police arrest you, you become a captive and can no longer walk away.

Whenever the police are arresting a suspect, they should read the Miranda rights to the suspect according to the Fifth Amendment. Miranda rights are as follows:

  1. You have the right to remain silent or refuse to answer any questions
  2. Anything that you say can be used against you in a court of law
  3. You have the right to an attorney before you speak to the police and have an attorney represent you during questioning now and in the future
  4. The state will appoint an attorney before any questioning if you cannot afford one
  5. You still have the right to stop answering any questions if you do not have an attorney until you get one

Police Actions During the Arrest 

Once a police officer stops you, he or she has the mandate of frisking you by patting your clothes to confirm whether there is any concealed weapon. Later on, the police might opt to do a thorough search of your immediate surroundings to check whether there are any contrabands, stolen items, or evidence of the crime.

The police will take and secure every personal property or money at hand and perform an inventory. You might need to sign the inventory, only if you agree to the contents highlighted in the inventory.

The police must book you within a reasonable period after the arrest. Otherwise, your attorney will request the judge for a writ of habeas corpus that orders the police to bring you to court and consider whether you are lawfully held or not.

Police Actions During Booking

Normally, a suspect is taken to police custody for booking. The arresting police officer will take you to the Blythe Police Headquarters for processing and assigning the bail amount. During the booking, the police officer has the mandate to:

  • Record your personal information, such as your physical characteristics, name, and date of birth
  • Record information about your alleged crime
  • Take pictures of you and record your fingerprints
  • Check your criminal background
  • Confiscate any personal items under your possession, such as a purse, keys, and money. The police officer must return them upon your release
  • Place you in the police holding cell or the local Blythe Jail

For minor offenses, the police might require you to sign a written release citation promising of your appearance in court at a later period. Failure to take heed of this requirement puts you eligible for the bail and bond procedure.


Where Will I Be Detained?

Once a police officer arrests you for an offense, he or she will take you to the Blythe Police Department for booking. Once they book you, the police officer has the option of detaining you in their jail within the Police department or transfer you to the Indio Jail or Robert Presley Detention Center. Other Blythe Jails located within Riverside county at large include the Blythe Jail, Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, and the Southwest Detention Center.

You should seek help from a bail bond company such as El Don Bail Bonds to have your loved one released before transfer to any of the above detention or jails.


Understanding Bail

Sometimes a written promise to the court might not guarantee the offender a release depending on the nature of the crime. Therefore, the court opts to give bail as a way to ensure that the offender attends the court proceeding. A bail is a set amount of money that an offender pays to the court to obtain a release from police custody. You must appear to the court for arraignment to have the bail amount retained. If you do not respond to the court hearing, the court will subject you to arrest and forfeit your bail amount. 

The bail proceeding varies from one court to the other. However, the court will hold a bail proceeding to determine whether to grant you bail or not. The court usually considers the following during a bail hearing:

  • Your mental and physical condition
  • Financial resources
  • Family ties
  • Criminal history
  • Drug and alcohol abuse history
  • Previous records related to appearance to court proceedings
  • The length of your residence within your current community

The court might impose various restrictions along with your bail. For instance, it might require you to take psychological, drug, or alcohol tests and treatment, limit your travel, revoke your gun ownership, and enforce a curfew.


Posting By A Bail Bond Agent

Once the court approves the amount that you have to pay as your bail, it expects you to pay it in cash or an approved substitute such as cashier’s check or money order. Once they post the bail, the court will proceed to issue documents showing your terms or release.

For those that cannot afford to raise the required amount, they can contract a bail bond agent to pay up the amount required as a bond. Most bailing companies expect one to pay a non-refundable 10% of the bail amount to the bondsman. The state determines the upfront fee, so do not expect to pay more or less. The agent will then pay the remaining amount if you do not appear for your court proceedings. However, the state allows the agent to reduce the upfront fee to 8% if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have a criminal defense attorney for your representation
  • You are a member of the workers’ union
  • You are a member of the United States Military

El Don Bail Bonds offers the most flexible and payment plans that match your financial capacity. We will ensure that you get your bail before transfer to any of the Blythe Jail. We will provide the bond even when you intend to use some of your property as collateral.


What You Should Know Before Getting A Bond

There are a lot of aspects surrounding a bail bond. An offender must learn about these aspects to avoid extra costs and maintain his or her rights as well. Here are a few things you need to know:

A Defendant Can Use Different Properties As The Collateral

Generally, anything worth to be an asset is acceptable as collateral. Some of the few things that the bond company can accept include bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, credit cards, among other properties.

Serious Implications Might Follow in Case One Violates the Bail Conditions

The court and the bond company have the mandate to set the conditions relating to your bond. A defendant should not break any laws before the sentencing. Failure to take heed of this requirement, the court might order a warrant of arrest on you and get rid of the chance of bail, keeping you in a Blythe Jail. 

The bond company might also require you to surrender your collateral, such as your vehicle or home temporarily. Finally, the bond company will locate you if you fail to appear in court within the required dates. If it does not locate you within six months, you end up being responsible for paying the full bail amount.

Various Factors Influence the Bail Amount

The seriousness of the offense that one commits defines the amount of bail that one gets. There are always standard amounts for each crime, but the judge has the authority to increase the amount if necessary. Some of the factors that affect the bail amount include:

  • Lengthy criminal records
  • A habit of failing to attend court trials

Some Agencies Might Charge Annual Premiums

In some cases, the court might take more than a year before they sentence an offender. In such a case, you might end up incurring additional fees, considered as renewal fees. Some agencies might add up an amount that is similar to the original 10%.


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The thought of serving jail time is quite devastating. That’s why you need to seek help from a renowned bail bond company to get a bail bond before the transfer to a Blythe Jail. We at El Don Bail Bonds are committed to offering the best services to you or your loved ones. Contact us at 760-342-0444 and have an agent respond to you as soon as possible.


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