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Having yourself or loved ones locked up in jail can be a stressful experience. It imparts pain on those close to you as you end up missing out on your daily activities. You may be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety when you are arrested. However, you are issued with an option of bail to give the court assurance that you will attend the pending criminal proceedings after you are released. But you may not be having the required amount, in which case, seeking bail bond services is essential. At El Don Bail Bonds, we understand the menace of confinement and hence, willing to bail you out almost instantly. We offer bail bond services for most jailhouses in Palm Springs, CA.

Overview of Bail Bonds

Bail refers to monetary arrangements that are made by a bonding agency on your behalf when you are accused of a crime. Through bonding system, your appearance in the court is made a guarantee. A bail bonds agency can arrange for your release from jail in spite of the pending trial in exchange of securities (collaterals) that may be made in form of assets, cash, or bonds. The amount of the bail to be paid is set and decided by the court, and the bail agency, in return, pays it in full or particular percentage promptly. If paid in part, the remaining amount is to be cleared during your arraignment in court. A bail bond, therefore, serves as a surety that the stated bail amount set by the court will be paid and that you will attend all the court’s proceeding as required by the court.

In Palm Springs, the standard rate for bail bonds is 10%. Still, the agency can offer you discounts, for example, when you are a union member or military.

Furthermore, you have access to a variety of bail bonds such as cash bonds, unsecured bonds, property bonds, immigration bonds, and surety bonds. Your bondsman should explain to you the implication of each bond and the available options based on your case.

Arrest and Seizure

Arresting and seizure occur once you are suspected of committing a crime. Though a more extended procedure, it is still simple. Upon being arrested, you are taken to a nearby local police station where you are frisked for any ammunition. You are then taken through a series of paperwork that requires you to write a statement. Other investigatory details are also affected at this point. Once you have submitted all the required information, you are taken to jail.

The detention center has to clear you for bail bonds. This process typically takes two to five hours depending on how busy the facility is.

Getting Booked

Booking involves a series of activities. First, your fingerprints together with your photo are taken. Since you are still given access to your phone at this time, it would be prudent to call a bondsman or your relative to inform them of your condition. Meanwhile, the file containing your detail is further taken to the business office, upon which your fingerprints are sent via the database of the federal warrant to check if you have any pending case requiring your knowledge. The feedback from the federal permit is fed into the system, and if the cause for your arrest was a minor crime, you might be required to sign a citation promising to present yourself in court when needed. This type of bond is known as unsecured bond.

The jail grants you an unsecured bond and releases you after considering various factors. These factors include the risk you are likely to pose to the community or the alleged victim, your chances of fleeing, and the nature of your crime. They also look at your criminal history. Failure to adhere to the terms of release prompts the court to issue an arrest warrant upon you.

Acquiring a Bail Bond

In some instances, courts may not be satisfied with a written note as a form of assurance that you will appear in court. As such, they may demand that you submit some cash or an equivalence. In such a situation, you will have to opt for bail in exchange for your release. Courts typically arrange for a bail hearing where they will decide on whether to grant you the chance and the amount to be issued. Some factors are put into consideration during the bail hearing, some of which include:

  • Your criminal history
  • How long you have been a resident of your community
  • Wealth status regarding money, assets, or any other resources
  • Nay record concerning drugs or alcohol abuse
  • Ties between you and your family

You are given a cash bond if the alleged crime that you committed is a misdemeanor, which you can pay in cash or electronically through money order, credit card, or check.

The amount of bail demanded may be huge if the alleged crime is a felony and, hence, difficult for you to pay. As such, you or through the aid of a friend, a family member or an attorney, can contact a bail bonds agency that will schedule for bond posting on your behalf. The agency will begin the bail bond process by collecting your details such as your criminal situation that is vital in determining the risks that are likely to be involved in the course of your bailing. You will also be asked several questions including where you are being detained, the period you have been in detention, and the charges leveled against you. The agent may also want to know where you work and whether there is any government hold against you. Upon confirming that little or no risk is involved in your release, the bail agency makes available the purchase of bonds for you.

A willing customer who intends to buy the posted bond will demand to sign some documents which include bail indemnity agreement, receipts, and a bail bond application. After finishing the signing, the bail amount is posted to the detention facility. This prompts the detention facility to release you.

In Palm Springs, California, El Don Bail Bonds boasts of its "Instant bail" program. The initiative helps in reducing release delays by quickly posting the bail bond with the detention facility. The application is made possible by the company’s decision to deal with paperwork later after your release. If you are a first time offender, you have high chances of getting the instant bail program. This is because the agency is aware that you are subject to fears and anxiety, hence, in need of faster release.

If an arrest warrant has been issued but you are yet to be arrested, you should consider contacting the bail bonds agency immediately. The agency will consider your application by evaluating the possible amount to be paid as bail depending on the nature of your alleged crime. When you are ready, you can turn yourself to the authorities. Turning yourself in shows the court that you are dedicated to solving the case. After turning in, your bondsman will be waiting to secure your release by paying the court-agreed amount.

Unlike most bond companies that require collateral as securities to bail you out, El Don Bail Bond requires your guarantor’s signature.

Bond Forfeiture

A bond forfeiture occurs when a person does not appear in court after being released on bond. In this case, the court will issue a bench warrant demanding that you be arrested. Usually, the maximum days that should take the police to re-arrest you are one hundred and eighty days. If you are not found during the set time limits, half of the bail amount should be paid back to the court. As such, it is a duty of both the bond company and the Indemnitor to cooperate in bringing you back.

What Happens to Bail Bond Premium Upon a Case Conclusion?

A bail bond premium is a fee paid for the service of inmate release. When there are no charges or additional costs besides the amount demanded as bail, the bail bond amount becomes the property of the bail bond company. Therefore, the premiums paid are not refundable. It is upon you to choose a bondsman that offer low rates of premium.

When Does an Indemnitor’s (co-signer) Obligation End?

Once your charges have been settled, such as through a plea bargain or jail sentence, your appearance in court is no longer a requirement. The role of the bondsman of guaranteeing your appearance in court ends and so is the Indemnitor’s obligation.

Can I Get a Bail Bond Near Me?

Being locked in custody robs you of your freedom. You may feel afraid and disregarded.  We are here to make sure that you have a way out of custody. Especially if you are having trouble coming up with the full required bond amount. Don’t suffer in custody because El Don Bail Bonds is ready to help you get released immediately. Our bondsmen will take you through the entire process of bail bonds and secure your release by paying the required bail amount. If you are in Palm Springs, CA, feel free to contact a bail bond agent through 760-342-0444 and get yourself released instantly.