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The last thing you may want to deal with is an unreliable bail bondsman when your loved one is in jail. With El Don Bail Bonds, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. We have been offering consistent services to families in the Lake Elsinore, CA area for many years. You can count on us to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible, as well as handle everything professionally and legally.

What Exactly are Bail Bonds?

If you are charged with a crime, a court will set a certain amount of money for your bail. This is the money you will pay to get out of jail as you wait for your trial date. In simple language, a bail bond is a financial guarantee that ensures the accused attends all court proceedings. The bail bond amount varies depending on:

  • The seriousness of the crime that a person is charged with
  • The existence of an arrest record
  • If the accused has a history of skipping violating bail conditions

How Bond is Calculated

The mandated fee is 10% of the total bail amount. That means, if the bail amount set is $20,000, then the defendant will pay $2,000 to the jail before being released. Most jurisdictions accept payment made in cash, cashier's checks, checks, money order, or credit (debit) cards.

If the bail amount set is low, the defendant can pay their bond. However, if it is more than they can afford, you will need to contact a bondsman. You will pay 10% to 15% of the total bail, and the rest will be insured by the bail agent. For instance, if your bond is $100,000 and the bondsman charges you 10%, you will pay $10,000 to the bonds company, and the agency will post the $100,000. The 10% you pay to the bondsman is non-refundable.

A Step-by-Step Guide for the Bail Bond Process

Once you are arrested, you will probably deal with a bail bond agent if you don't have enough funds to post the whole amount. A loved one will call or visit a bondsman's office and provide your details, the offense you are accused of committing, the set bail amount, and where you are being detained. The bondsman will look at the information and will start working on necessary bond forms. Once all paperwork is in place, the agent will post the bail, and you will be released.

If the person contacting the bondsman has no means of paying the premium requested by the bondsman, the bondsman may ask that person to sign collateral for the bond. Accepted collateral includes jewelry, houses, vehicles and other items whose value matches the set bond amount. In the event a defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bonds agent places a lien on the asset.

The person who contacts a bail bonding company on your behalf and puts their money or offers an asset for your bond is known as a cosigner. Both the bondsman and the cosigner are responsible for making sure you appear in court until your case ends and the bail bond released.

So how long does it take for a bondsman to post a bond and get you out of jail? After you have been arrested, the next process you go through is called booking. Typically, the booking process takes one to three hours. It depends on how busy the jail is. The only exception is if you have committed a DUI crime. In this case, you will be held until the alcohol level goes down to a certain level. You are also advised to remain cooperative and polite during the entire booking process since it will determine how fast the process will happen.

The bail bondsman will have the responsibility to make sure you appear in court once you sign the bail bond agreement. You will be required to remain in a given area, update and report your whereabouts from time to time. Should you skip any court proceeding, the bondsman can locate and arrest you using bounty hunters.

Once your case ends, the bail and any collateral are returned to the co-signer minus potential fees/premiums.

What Happens If You Miss a Court Proceeding?

Failure to attend a court hearing is an offense in Lake Elsinore, CA and the court will issue a bench warrant. The California laws give the defendant 180 days to appear in court and explain why they missed the court hearing; otherwise, their bail will be forfeited.

A bench warrant is a written court order that authorizes law enforcers to arrest and bring you to court so that you can complete your unfinished business in court. The law enforcers won't come looking for you at your home and won't search for you actively. But once a bench warrant is issued, your name is put into a statewide database. And for any encounter with police for any reason (even if you are not liable), you will be put into jail.

Can the Bench Warrant be Cleared?

The only way to make sure a bench warrant is dropped is appearing in court. You can go to court alone or together with your lawyer. The good thing about using an attorney is that they assist you to solve the case effectively, professionally, and legally.

How to Choose the Right Bail Bondsman

Being arrested or finding out that a loved one is in jail can be a hard experience. One of the ways to get them out of jail is working with a renowned bail bondsman. Well, not all bail bondsmen are the same. Selecting the right one gives you peace of mind knowing you have entrusted a vital financial decision to a reliable professional. Here are simple tips to help you choose the best:

  • Pick a bail bondsman who will meet your needs

Licensing should be the first factor you need to put into consideration. Any reputable, reliable and cost-effective bail bond agent has a license and insurance in California. There is no harm in conducting a background check or even asking the bondsman for proof of license.

Also, ask the agent questions. It will help you know whether the service is what you need or not. Talk to them why you need their services. Pick an agent who is an excellent communicator with outstanding customer service.

  • Pick a renowned bail bondsman

It is also advisable to consider reputation. Look for online reviews or ask your family and friends about their experiences with bail bond agents. It is advisable to work with an agency that has been in business for years and have a robust history. They are not only conversant with court systems but also have a name to protect. They will get your friend or family member out of jail with little hassle and faster.

  • Check on their availability and accessibility

Is the bail bond agent available on short notice? Most arrests occur outside the regular working hours and no one knows when they will need a bail bond service. In case you do, choose a company that operates 24/7.

Also, in some cases, a bondsman should attend a court hearing to secure the release of the defendant. Before signing any paperwork with a bail bond agent, confirm whether they are required to attend court hearings.

  • Flexibility as far as payment is concerned

Although all bail bond agents should charge the same fee, different firms provide different payment agreements. If you cannot provide collateral for the bail bond straightaway, you should find an agency that will develop a payment plan for you.

Is Bounty Hunting Legal?

Yes, bounty hunting is legal. Bounty hunters are citizens, not law enforcement officers but many have law enforcement background. To obtain a license in California, one must undergo a fugitive recovery training, have no felony charges, be above 18 years, and score at least 70% in the bail license exam.

A bounty hunter gets involved in a case when a defendant skips bail, and there is a reward. The bonding company is the one that places this reward since they will lose lots of money if the defendant is not located.

California has stringent laws regulating bounty hunting. The bounty hunter must have documentation from the bail bonding agent permitting them to arrest the accuser. They must also inform the law enforcement officers that they are planning to arrest the defendant. This should be done at least six hours before making the arrest.

California laws also prohibit bounty hunters from wearing anything such as badges that may make average citizens mistake them for law enforcement. They must always carry their license and paperwork. 

Bounty hunters can't forcibly enter any home or premises except in rare cases. They are also not allowed to transport fugitives across states lines unless after an extradition proceeding.

Finding a Bail Bondsman Near Me

Do you need a bondsman in the Lake Elsinore, California area? No matter what time of the day or night that you need bail bond services, El Don Bail Bonds is here for you. Once our able team is notified of someone who needs our services, our full attention is directed into ensuring your jailed family member or friend comes back home as soon as possible. Our staff will answer all questions about our bonding services as well as posting bail. So if you are ready to help a loved one, contact our friendly representatives at 760-342-0444.