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Being detained or having a relative that has been arrested can be a frustrating experience. A bail bonds company like EI Don Bail Bonds can help secure your release by posting bail. Posting a bail bond is a way of confirming that you’ll attend future hearings.

Rancho Cucamonga city falls under San Bernardino County, which has a unique bail schedule. A bail schedule, in this context, determines the amount of bail defendants pay for different crimes. Knowing how bail bonds work before getting one can secure you a fast release from jail.

How Does Bail Bond Differ from Regular Bail?

Bail is the general term for money paid to court for you to get out of jail temporarily. The money helps assure the court that an offender will make all the required court appearances. In Rancho Cucamonga, CA, a judge is responsible for setting your bail amount depending on facts surrounding your case, your flight risk, and your criminal record. Posting bail can be done through property bonds, bail bonds or cash bail.

Bail bonds are a form of bail facilitated by a third party to guarantee your jail release. Unlike cash bail, you’ll have to sign a contract with the issuer. The agreement outlines the premiums you'll pay, the timeline for seeking the service and your roles as a client.

Do You Need to Attend a Bail Hearing to Post Bail?

“Bail hearing” refers to the court proceedings that determine whether an offender will get out of jail as a case is pending trial. You may post any form of bail once the judge rules in your favor in these proceedings. Attending a bail hearing is a must if you want to be released with bail.

The possible outcomes for your bail hearing include getting an “own recognizance” release or posting bail. Own recognizance, in this context, implies that you promise to attend the proceedings if the court releases you. The court may also ask you to meet requirements that don’t involve paying bail. Your bail request may be denied if you’re facing violent felony charges.

Bail hearings in a California superior court can allow you to request for bail reductions or bail elimination. The judge has the legal mandate to set, modify or eliminate your bail. Factors such as your ability to afford the bond, the intensity of the alleged crime and your previous criminal history are considered in the bail reduction/elimination process. Others include your probability of making court appearances and public safety.

What Does the Process of Posting Bail Bond Entail?

A bail bond is an ultimate solution for offenders that are incapable of posting cash bail. The term “cash bail” refers to the full amount deposited to the arresting agency or court clerk for an offender to be released from jail. You may take less than twenty minutes to obtain the bail bond from a bail agent (bail bondsman). However, the arresting agency will facilitate your release after about thirty minutes or four hours.

Expect a bail agent to charge a non-refundable premium for the service. In Rancho Cucamonga, CA, this premium is usually set at a maximum of 10 percent of the bond. Bail bondsmen may offer discounts to clients that are U.S military members, union members or government employees. Their contracts expire after one year requiring the clients to pay a renewal premium after the expiration date. You may pay this premium if your case takes more than one year to resolve.


The bail bonds company will require some form of collateral as assurance that you won't go missing. Examples of the collateral include pawnable items, savings, and investments, real estate, valuable vehicles or precious metals. The company has a legal obligation to sell or keep any of these items. Some bail agents don’t ask for collateral on bonds under exceeding a certain amount.

Which Bail Schedule Applies to Offenders Charged in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?

Bail schedules in California vary with the county in which you were charged. These schedules set the bail amounts for offenses prosecuted under the California Penal Codes. Expect your bail to be set according to the San Bernardino County bail schedule if you’re from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This schedule is approved by judges and the Criminal Committee of the California Superior Court, San Bernardino County.

Offenses such as assault and battery attract lower bail amounts in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Your bail may be set to a higher value when charged with drug or murder crimes. Bail amount may be set depending on the potential prison sentence for crimes with no presumptive bail listed under the San Bernardino County bail schedule. In this case, a three-year sentence may attract up to $25,000 while a life sentence may draw up to $500,000 in bail.

What Requirements Should a Bail Bondsman in Rancho Cucamonga, CA Meet?

Bail bondsmen are individuals with the confidence, intellectual proclivity and negotiation skills for securing finances on behalf of offenders. The California Department of Insurance issues licenses to these professionals and regulates bail bond activities across California. Bail bondsmen are required to involve this agency in every bail transaction or agreement made. The California DOI also verifies and authorizes these agreements.

The alarming number of prison populations in California has prompted more courts to set bail as a requirement during pre-trials. As a result, bail agents are increasingly becoming the facilitators of public safety in the state since they help secure offenders for court hearings. The California DOI requires them to meet the following requirements.

  1. Meet the Eligibility Requirements

Individuals applying to be bail bondsmen in California must have at least eighteen years of age and proof of a two-year residency in towns such as Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They should pass the criminal background checks, complete the pre-licensing course and pass the Commissioner licensing exam. The DOI also requires them to obtain sponsorship for a reliable insurance company.

  1. Meet the Academic Requirements

Bail bondsmen should be highly-skilled in academic fields like business and finance. They are required to at least have an undergraduate degree in business administration, finance, economics or management to take a pre-licensing course that lasts 20 hours. The course covers topics such as licensing procedures, ethics, bail regulations, and the defendant's rights.

  1. Apply for a State License

The California DOI mandates individuals applying to be bail bondsmen to submit a valid Bail Application for Insurance License. The agency also mandates them to pay a $468 fee using a credit card or check and offer proof that they completed a pre-licensing course. A form confirming their affiliation with an insurance firm is needed too. To have their license renewed after two years, bail bondsmen need to undertake a six-hour educational program before the current license expires.

  1. Pass the State Licensing Exam

The Commissioner’s exam is usually scheduled for candidates who have their license application filed. The candidates are asked to pay $46 as examination fee before sitting for the 50-multiple-choice question exam that takes two hours to complete. Each of them has to score at least seventy percent to pass the California licensing exam. Only those who have passed the test get fingerprinted as a means of checking their criminal history.

Where Do Licensed Bail Bondsmen Work?

Newly-licensed bail bondsmen may choose to set up a private practice. Others may seek employment in bail companies spread across Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Those who work with reputable companies like El Don Bail Bonds attend to more clients than smaller private practices. Just like in other industries, experience and skill levels help determine the quality of a bail agent.

Do Licensed Bail Agents Have Membership in Professional Associations?

Bail bondsmen benefit from legislative advocacy, resource publications, valuable information and representation when they join professional associations. The professional organizations offer different membership levels just like in other industries. Members get to enjoy live and online courses for furthering their knowledge.

What Principle Do Bail Bondsmen Follow in Their Work?

The 8th Amendment to the U.S Constitution prohibits both federal and state judicial systems from imposing excessive fines and excessive bail. Bail Bond companies like EI Don Bonds understand that every defendant is entitled to a fair bail hearing. They embody this law in their work as they attend to different offenders.

Licensed bail bondsmen are the key players in the freedom of a defendant with a case that’s pending trial. They have a social responsibility to dedicate themselves to posting bail on behalf of offenders who are incapable of affording cash bail. They should be open to learning opportunities and experiences that allow them to impact change in the bail industry across California.

Find Help on Posting Bail from Bail Bondsmen Near Me

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