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An arrest for an offense disrupts your life. You could miss opportunities to grow your business, interact with friends and family, and enjoy your freedom. This is why El Don Bail Bonds brings you closer to your daily life by paying bail on your behalf. We are bail bonds agents who help families of those arrested in raising the required money for bail. We ensure that you get to prepare your defense while going about your regular business.

Overview of Bail Bonds

Bail provides a system through which arrested persons can be released before their trial. Bail is usually set to be paid in cash (often known as cash bail). Bail is sometimes set at high amounts of thousands of dollars, which many cannot raise. In such cases, the defendant or a friend or family member will contact a Menifee bail bonds service to arrange for bail.

A bail bond is an agreement made by the court, defendant, Menifee bail bonds agent, and sometimes a cosigner for the release of the defendant. The bond is paid with a promise that the defendant will show up for all court proceedings. 

A bail bond agent requires the cosigner or defendant to raise a premium of 10 percent of the total bail. The 10 percent premium is non-refundable and acts as the agent’s fee, whether the defendant shows up or not. The agent might also request a deposit of the defendant or cosigner’s assets to protect the agent from loss if the defendant skips court.

Such assets could include valuables such as jewelry, real estate, and vehicles. You could continue using assets such as vehicles and real estate. In exchange, however, you will deposit the deeds of ownership with the agent.

After the successful attendance of all court proceedings, the bail agent will return the property within eight weeks. The return of your property does not depend on a conviction or acquittal – the agent merely requires you to attend all court proceedings and adhere to the conditions set by the court.

Why Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds provide defendants with a chance to get out of jail before trial. Unlike some believe,  bail is not a punishment for committing a crime. Bail is not dependent on your innocence or guilt for the offense you were arrested.

Bail is established on the basis that each person is innocent until proven guilty. In this premise, you cannot keep staying in custody, especially if the offense you committed is a less serious felony or a misdemeanor.

Bail serves both the criminal justice system and the defendant. The criminal justice system uses bail as a way of controlling and reducing congestion in correctional facilities. Those who post bail do not have to be incarcerated, thus reserving prison facilities for those who commit serious felonies and are not eligible for bail.

The amount you pay serves as a security and an assurance that you will attend the court proceedings as required. Failing to adhere to the conditions set by the court can result in the loss of your bail and charges for failure to appear or contempt of court. 

Once you are out on bail, you can prepare your defense by working closely with a criminal defense attorney. Menifee Bail Bonds allows you to enjoy your right to freedom through the bail bond service. Here is how the bail process works.

The Bail Bonds Process

The process of acquiring a bail bond begins the moment you or your loved one is arrested. As soon as you learn of the arrest, you should contact your attorney for a referral, or look for a legitimate bail bonds agent.

Take your time to choose one who has flexible payment terms and is understanding. You should note that a criminal trial could progress for more than a year. Therefore, you need to understand the payment plans, whether you need to renew the bail bond annually and the acceptable payment methods.

An excellent place to start when choosing the agent is your close friends and family who have used local bail agents before. You can also check out online reviews from customers to determine the best agent with satisfactory and genuine services. Once you call a Menifee Bail Bonds agency, they will begin the paperwork immediately. Details of the prison you are held in, the bail amount requested for, your collateral, and the offense for which you are being held is important information. Our agents will need the above information to process your bail request.

The judge sets the bail amount at a bail hearing. The hearing does not require you to take a plea – it is an assessment of your eligibility for bail. The conditions the court examines in determining whether you qualify for bail, and the amount you should pay include:

  • Your relationship and ties with the local community
  • Whether you are a flight risk
  • Your employment
  • The crime for which you were arrested
  • Your criminal history
  • The California bail schedule

The court might set the bail amount higher or lower than the suggested amount in the bail schedule at its discretion.  Starting in October 2019, the court will use bail algorithms to determine your eligibility for bail and the amount you should pay. The judge might also impose additional conditions such as:

  • Attendance of a DUI school or drug rehabilitation program
  • Seeking employment
  • Adherence to curfews
  • Avoid certain places and people
  • Regular check-ins with the court
  • Refrain from possession and use of firearms
  • Refrain from engaging in criminal activities

Violation of these conditions could lead to the revocation of your bail. In some cases, the judge may choose to release you on your cognizance, especially for first offenders who have close links to the community.

We will then meet you and the cosigner at the facility to sign the final paperwork and get you out of custody. We have built strong relationships with the banks and courts, which allows us to pay for bail 24/7 to make bail bonds a convenient solution for you.

Our work at Menifee Bail Bonds does not end at the signing of the agreement; we will keep interacting throughout the period your trial will run. We will assess your court behavior and encourage attendance.

In case you skip court, your bail is at risk of revocation and forfeiture. When any of these happen, you will be arrested and might have to apply for bail a second time. In the case of a bail revocation, you may become ineligible for bail.

When a defendant fails to appear for a court proceeding, the judge will issue a bench warrant. If you have a legitimate reason for skipping court, you need to avail yourself and inform the court of the reason for your absence. The court may choose to let the bail stand or forfeit it.

However, if you attend all the court proceedings and adhere to the release conditions, the assets you or your cosigner used as security will be released. You will also have a positive standing in the eyes of the court and bail agents as a low-risk client. A positive court attendance reputation might influence future bail hearings in case you are arrested.

Bail Forfeiture and Revocation

Bail forfeiture and revocation are two closely related concepts that involve the loss of your bail. Bail forfeiture happens when you violate the terms of your release. These include failing to appear, failure to adhere to a curfew or restraining order or violating travel restrictions.

Bail revocation, on the other hand, refers to a cancellation of the bail by the cosigner or the bail agent. Bail revocation happens when the bail agent or cosigner has a reasonable belief that you are a flight risk, and are not likely to attend your court proceedings.

When the bail is revoked, you lose the ten percent deposit and could be arrested, unless you find another bail agent or cosigner.

A cosigner has the right to revoke bail. They risk their assets to secure your release. That gives them the responsibility to ensure that you comply with the requirements of the court. The cosigner might also impose their conditions, such as attending a rehabilitation program. Violating these conditions or engaging in criminal activities burdens the cosigner, as he or she will have to make the full payment of the bail to the court, in case of forfeiture. This means that he or she has a substantial risk of losing his or her assets.

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An arrest could throw you or your family into confusion. You will have many questions and in some cases, feel hopeless. Bail offers you a way out. And, if you cannot afford to pay the cash amount, we provide bail bonds at El Don Bail Bonds. Our services are curated to meet the needs of every person from different income levels. We believe in speed, efficiency, and affordability. We process your request quickly.

We are available 24/7 because we know an arrest can happen at any time. Our services are affordable, with no hidden and unnecessary fees to our clients. Contact us at 760-342-0444 if you have any questions or would like to learn more about bail bonds.


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