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The El Don Bail Bonds is a family bail bonds company which comes to your rescue in the stressful moments when you or your loved one wants to secure a bail bond. The company serves clients in Hemet, CA and surrounding areas and is open 24 hours a day ready to serve your needs. Our service is founded on professionalism and discreteness to help you or any person close to you to get out of jail by posting your bail.

What Happens When I Am Arrested?

After your arrest, you are taken to jail where a booking occurs. The booking process involves the recording of personal details such as residence and fingertips. Additionally, an examination of your criminal history is done to gauge whether you have a pending case, history of defiling court orders, and the nature of your convictions (if any). The information is used to determine your viability of being bailed out and if so, the amount required as bail.

It is during your arrest (before being detained in jail) that you can contact your bail bonds company, friend, or relative to disclose your situation. However, when the offense committed is minor, the jail may release you after signing an agreement that you will appear in court. Otherwise, you will have to seek a bail bonds company to help bail you out.

What is the Premium Rate for Bail Bonds?

In California, all companies providing bail bond service are obliged to post their rates publicly. By doing this, fraud against individuals and family is minimized. The standard premium rate is 10%. At times such as in the case of involvement of private attorneys or union memberships, you may be given a lesser rate.

What is a Bail Bond?

A Bail Bond is a surety which is given by a surety bond company to secure your release from jail pending your court trial. This is done by using a bail bondsman or a bail agent. The amount to be paid is set by a judge and issuing of the bail bond ensures that on the scheduled date of a court hearing, the criminal defendant who has been released is going to appear in court as ordered.

When someone has been arrested for a particular crime, they are held in a jail cell until the date which the judge has set for the case hearing or until a bail set for them is paid. The judge sets a bail amount to be paid as bail in a bail hearing process. In some cases, though, the bail amount is predetermined, and the defendant doesn't have to go through a bail hearing process to get bail. Such cases are common if the allegedly committed crime is a misdemeanor.

You may be able to raise the required amount, and you won't need a bail bonds agency to post your bail.

However, you have to seek the services of a bail bonds company if the bail set is unaffordable. The bail bonds company pays the bail and collects an agreed amount as fees for the service. Collateral has to be provided to ensure that you will pay back the company. Collateral is something that acts as security for the payments made and can be forfeited if you default to pay the company. However, the company may as well post your bail without collateral after confirming that there is minimal risk in doing so.

In case you cannot cover the collateral, you can seek help from your family members or friends.

If you appear in court and the case is concluded, the bail bond gets dissolved and the person who posted (you or a bail bonds company) it is given back their cash. Still, 10% is kept by the bail bondsman as service fees.

In case you don't appear on the set date, the court gets 90%, and the bail bonds company collects 10% of the bail amount.

Bail Bonds are classified into two categories: civil bail bonds and criminal bail bonds.

A civil bail bond is used as a guarantee of debt payment in civil cases. It also ensures interests and costs on the defendant are paid. On the other hand, a criminal bail bond acts as a guarantee of appearance to court when called upon. It is also used in criminal cases to ensure that fines and penalties are settled.

Factors That Affect the Decision of Awarding a Bail in Criminal Cases

When a bail hearing is held, there are some determinants which affect the decision to award bail and the amount the judge is going to set. Some of these factors include:

  • Community Connections

    An individual who has a local business or family living in Hemet, CA has a low likelihood of running away and failing to appear in court. Thus, the judge is more likely to grant them lesser bail as compared to someone who is just in the area for a short time.

  • Flight Risk

    Criminal defendants who have more severe cases with the possibility of facing serious sentences are more likely to flee. Compared to those facing lighter charges, they are likely to be denied bail, or their bail set too high.

  • Public Safety

    Some defendants may be denied bail in a bail hearing if they pose a threat to other people in the community upon release. For example, an individual who has been arrested for attempted murder or an act of terrorism is likely to get denied bail.

  • The Seriousness of the Committed Crime

    A high amount of bail is likely to be set for a defendant who has been arrested for a serious crime as compared to one who has minor charges. For example, a person accused of murder or theft with violence is likely to be denied bail or their bail set high as compared to someone accused of minor theft.

  • Personal Income and Assets

    An individual who has significant income or assets may not take a low bail amount seriously and could still flee even after posting the bail. A defendant with few assets and low income, however, may be affected by any amount set; hence, will stick around and appear in court with the hope of getting their money back.

    Similarly, the judge may consider granting bail to an employed defendant since they are likely to fear losing their jobs when they don’t pay and remain in custody. However, unemployed individuals who have nothing to lose with their prolonged stay in jail are likely to be denied the bail.

  • Criminal History of the Defendant

    People with a previous criminal history or incidences of not appearing in court when called upon are likely to get a high bail set for them or even a complete denial. On the contrary, defendants who have been caught up in a legal violation for the first time or are not known to defile court orders are likely to get lower bails set for them.

  • Family Obligations

    A judge is more likely to be lenient with a defendant who is a breadwinner of his/her family by setting a lower bail amount for them.

Do You Get Your Bail Money Back?

Bailing out someone from jail could be quite expensive, and you have all the reasons to worry whether you will get back your money. In Hemet, CA, the payment is refundable as long as the case in court has ended. The amount you get back from the bail you paid will depend on the terms that you used to secure the bail.

When you use a surety bail (a Bail Bond company), this method is cheaper and faster since the company, through their agent, pays the bail for you and you only pay the premium fees.

If you paid a full amount of cash bail, a full refund would be done provided that you appear in court on the set date. The money is refunded when the case is dismissed, or the sentencing is done.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bail Bond Company to Represent You

When you find yourself or someone you love in the unfortunate situation of getting arrested, you need to know what to look for before seeking services from a bail bonds company.

First, choosing a licensed and well-known firm to provide the services is essential. This will help ensure competent and professional services. The agent should be trustworthy by willing to solve your worries before issuing bailing you out.

Additionally, you need a company that operates for 24 hours a day since you cannot predict an arrest.

Also, ensure you hire a company that is transparent on their charges in the form of premiums to make it easier to navigate the process and ensure that you don't be a victim of fraud.

Finally, the services should be affordable and acceptable by the laws. However, be on the watch out for premiums that are too cheap since you could be a victim of a scam.

Finding a Bail Bonds Company Near Me

Since you are paying for the service, you are entitled to impeccable customer service to ensure the process is smooth. In Hemet, California, El Don Bail Bonds have the best options that fit any of your needs and financial situation. Our bond agents are trustworthy and are available at your convenience. Call 760-342-0444 to begin your bail bonds process today.