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Robert Presley Detention Center
Robert Presley Detention Center (RPDC), also called "Downtown Riverside Jail" is the hub of the Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.'s correctional facilities. It has full medical services for inmates thru the secure wing of the Riverside Regional Medical Center and houses both men and women. When someone is arrested in Northern and Central Riverside County, they are usually taken to RPDC after the local arresting agency has concluded all pertinent interviews and has finished all police work. From Corona and Norco to the West, Moreno Valley to the East and as far South as Sun City when one is arrested they will be incarcerated at RPDC. 

Like other county jails, the Downtown Riverside Jail must take every new booking through an extensive process to "clear them for bail" -- that is, completely intake the prisoner through booking, classify them for an appropriate housing location should they remain in custody, and run their name and fingerprints through the Dept. of Justice database to confirm their identity and assure that the arrestee has no warrants in other jurisdictions. This process varies greatly with regard to how long it can take, but in general, never takes less than three hours. Though a bail bond cannot be posted by ANY bondsman until this process is deemed completed by the jail, WE RECOMMEND STARTING THE BAIL PROCEDURE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, to ensure that the person in jail does not need to spend one extra minute there. 

CHOOSING THE RIGHT BAIL BAIL COMPANY IS CRUCIAL, however, in minimizing delays in the bail process. Bail at the downtown Riverside county jail should be done by experienced, local agents to achieve the best results. At El Don Bail Bonds we have worked with the jailors and staff to post countless bail bonds and have the "IN's" to make sure your loved one get "OUT" as fast and cheaply as possible. Bail bonds in Riverside take considerable experience to be done right, or the process can take hours longer. Please call El Don Bail Bonds and let us explain exactly how we can make sure no one spends one minute longer than necessary behind bars. 

From Perris, to Moreno Valley to Norco, or anywhere else in Riverside County (or really anywhere!) if you need a bail bond for RPDC, call on the experienced, professional bail agents at El Don Bail Bond for the best possible outcome. 

Online inmate information (free)

Online court information (call us if you need help figuring out the site)

Jail Address:
RPDC 4000 Orange St
Riverside CA 92501
phone 951-955-2444

Riverside Hall of Justice
The Riverside Superior Court is Usually the court of record (again, give us a call and we can guide you through not only the bail process, but the court process as well -- as much as any company can do). The address of the riverside county court:

Riverside Hall of Justice:
4100 Main Street
Riverside Ca 92501
phone 951-777-3147

Feel free to call El Don Bail Bonds if you need further help with court issues.