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For that time when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you have a friend in El Don Bail Bonds. Fast, trustworthy, professional, and reliable bail bonds services are just a few of the words that characterize this premium bail bonds agency that is based in Riverside, CA. Our agents are experienced in the bail bonds sector, and we also educate you on crucial aspects that you need to know so that you are guaranteed excellent services.

What are Bail Bonds?

So that your presence in court is guaranteed, though by your own recognizance may sometimes be allowed, a cash deposit is typically staked by a bail bondsman. This amount is called bail and is bonded because of the indemnity or promissory emolument attached to its value. When all court proceedings are dully followed, the posted amount is refunded. For people who can make their own cash bails, direct bail may be applicable in the form of cash, bankers check, or money order.

The incapability to post bail for yourself, however, should not in any way disadvantage you. You can seek the services of a bail bonds agency and exercise your right to bail by having the process instantly started. The bail shall be posted; meaning an amount will be exchanged to facilitate your release, which can take up to a couple of hours.

There are many types of bail bonds depending on the kind of charges you are accused of. The most common of these are:

  • Immigration bonds
  • Domestic violence bonds
  • Felony bonds
  • Misdemeanor bonds
  • Property bail
  • Weapons bonds

What is a Bail Premium?

While bail or bond amount is the full monetized value of your bail, bail premium is a percentage taken from the bail by the bondsman that posts bail on your behalf. The bail bonds agency charges this premium to facilitate its services of getting you released from jail. They, therefore, will stand liable on the posted bond and will work with you to ensure the court schedule is adhered to. The standard bail premium rate in California is 10%, and it is non-refundable.

Bail bonds agency in Riverside, CA, may make concessions in some special cases or if a client meets certain conditions, lowering their bail premium to as low as 8%. State legal requirements for all bail bonds agencies expect them to publish their rates publicly, hindering any form of extortion.

What Does Mean to Forfeit Bail?

If your court schedule or attendance to proceedings has changed, or have disappeared altogether, and decide to go out of town, you will either receive a call or a bench warrant may be issued for your return to the court’s jurisdiction. Authorities will institute a search and arrest directive against you, and under the state laws of California, your bond amount will only stand for 180 days before your bail is declared a forfeit. If your appearance isn’t within that period, the full cash value of your bail amount is then due to the court from the bail bondsman who posted bail on your behalf. The bail bonds agency and any cosigner are, therefore, with the responsibility of keeping your schedule regular and see you through the court process.

In the event that you are rearrested and returned to court before the bail expiry period elapses, the judge may decide to either increase bail amount, add more requirements, or cancel your bail altogether. This will relegate you to custody until your case is ruled upon. Whether one has been plea bargained, the case settled, you’ve been exonerated, or unfortunately imprisoned; your obligation to the bondsman ends once you have cleared the posted amount and premium.

What Happens When You Are Arrested?

After being arrested, you are taken to a county jail or police station and booked. After being booked, the following may happen to you in any order:

  1. Your particular characteristics and physical features are noted
  2. Outstanding crime allegations against you are queried
  3. Photographs and fingerprints recorded
  4. A criminal background check is initiated
  5. A search and confiscation of all items that could be harmful to you or your cellmates is performed
  6. Be placed in a holding cell awaiting trial

Before or after being locked up in a cell, it’s within your legal right to get a phone call; your next best option is to call a bail bonds agency. The agent shall co-sign and front the deposit of bail for you; affecting your release and giving you the convenience of working on your case from home. This is the beginning of your freedom; the agency makes certain that your bail is posted and offers you options of payment including accepting collateral in the absence of cash. Depending on jurisdictional differences or the size, location, and staff numbers of the holding facility, your release process can take anywhere between two and twelve hours from the time of initiation.

Why Call a Bail Bonds Agency?

An accommodating, licensed, and regulated bail bonds agency will secure your release at an affordable rate. They will start off with a computerized search for all the information they need to expedite your bail process; all the while explaining their process. They will charge you a one-time fee while ensuring that you are afforded the privacy and confidentiality needed to handle your crisis. The best bondsmen will be available for your special circumstance with trained expertise. Since bail can be extremely expensive and the process challenging, an agency should offer services that cushion its clients such as;

  • Confidential and fast service
  • Affordability
  • Payment Installment plans
  • Free Consultation and no hidden fees
  • Accept various forms of payment methods
  • 24-hour bail bonds service
  • Discounts and concessions
  • Phone approvals plausible
  • Helpful and dedicated agents
  • No collateral with an employed co-signer

If you are unfortunately arrested and taken to a police station or county jail; your call to a bail bonds firm will start the process that will see you return back to your normal life. The agent shall avoid taking opportunistic advantage of its clients by not asking for additional and hidden costs. An agency that charges clients for a court appearance, annual renewals, bond reinstatement, and a court rewrite or bail replacement fees will not be your ideal bail bonds agency.

What Will a Bail Bondsman Require?

When you call that reputable agency, the agent you talk to shall request a few details, including;

  • Name of person(s) requiring bail
  • Home address
  • Date of birth
  • Employment details of the applicant
  • The type of crime the defendant is accused of
  • Bail amount being requested
  • Where the defendant was arrested at and place you’re in custody

Depending on the crime and type of bail necessary for your release, and perhaps due to any risk attached to your being released, bail might amount to thousands of dollars. Without the ability to raise the money, you’ll end up being an unwilling guest of the county jail or state penitentiary awaiting trial. This can also happen in the instance where the District Attorney files charges against you much later than expected. A bail bonds agency shall expedite the process of bail posting so that you or your loved one can quickly escape a stay in jail.

What Happens at a Bail Hearing?

The final destination for the bail process is a court of law. Once you stand before a judge for your bail proceedings, the court will use its full capacity to set the bail amount. A judge takes into consideration various factors to extenuate your confinement. These may include your;

  • Mental and physical state – Mental and physical stability influence the risk that a person could pose to themselves or others. While these aspects are tied with other bail release considerations, the judge may deny bail for a mentally disabled person while giving bail for a physically disabled one;
  • Financial condition – Your financial condition determines the amount of bail you might be required to pay. In line with the 8th Amendment which requires that the bail offered should not be excessive for the defendant, the court may grant lower bail amounts for defendants with lower financial capabilities and higher amounts to a financially wealthy person;
  • Family situations – These entail the ties that a defendant has with their family/ community and their roles in the family. For instance, it would be easy for a person to be granted bail if he is a breadwinner, where his family fully depends on him;
  • Drug or alcohol-related issues, criminal’s records, and previous court appearance records – Any pending criminal record, a history of violating court orders, or a drug or alcohol related issue may influence the decision to deny someone bail.

The court process usually approves bail for most offenses except for serious crimes. In any case, your bail application may be denied, increased, or decreased. Other than the judge awarding release bond, the court can make a ruling on other rehabilitation requirements such as a travel ban, weapon withdrawal, and house confinement or curfew.

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El Don Bail Bonds Agents are always available to ensure that your bail release process is fast and efficient. If you are in Riverside, California, you can call 760-342-0444 to speak to an experienced bail bondsman to initiate the bail process.