Elizabeth K.

I was confused and devastated when my husband called me from jail. I had contacted other bail bond agencies in California, but they would not help me. Within minutes of speaking with your office, you assured me of prompt release, which you did. A bail bond agent called to check if everything worked out and if we were home safely. Highly recommend it!

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What it Means to Work With Us

Sometimes, the required bail amount can be too hefty, and you might need help raising it. In this case, working with Indio Bail Bonds can be instrumental.

When arrested, a law enforcement agent will take you, the suspect, into custody for booking and processing. It helps to notify a close friend or loved one about your arrest.

You should also call a bondman if you need help raising the full bail amount to secure your release. Once you contact us, we will ensure you learn what to do and where to begin. Please gather all the relevant information before calling our office.

Before posting your bail, we will require you to pay 10 percent of your total bail amount and inform you of the kind of collateral you should provide. The premium is non-refundable.

Next, our responsive agent will go to jail, holding your loved one to post the bail bond. After posting bail bonds, the release process can take thirty minutes to four hours, depending on how busy the jail is.

Your loved one must comply with your bail terms and conditions after the release. Otherwise, you risk losing the collateral if they jump bail. 

Some helpful tips for you, the defendant, to ensure you do not jump bail include the following:

  • Focus on being positive about obtaining the best possible case outcome.
  • Build solid relationships.
  • Cultivate good habits and be a productive citizen.
  • Understand the facts of the case and provide your lawyer with the necessary evidence to guarantee an acquittal.

Our Testimonials

We are proud to share some of the recent testimonials from our satisfied clients. We are devoted to exceptional customer service and will go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with our services. Here is what our previous satisfied clients have to say:

Indio Bail Bonds went above and beyond to promptly assist my loved one post bail and secure their release. The compassionate and knowledgeable staff...

Stephens T.

Happy Client

When my son was arrested for driving under the influence, I was devastated and confused as a parent. I contacted Indio Bail Bonds, and from the...

Jesse S.

Happy Client

I was confused and devastated when my husband called me from jail. I had contacted other bail bond agencies in California, but they would not help...

Elizabeth K.

Happy Client

Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions about California bail bonds we have repeatedly answered include the following:

Even if the court permits you to leave the state, you should seek permission from the bail bond agency; bail bond contracts are legally binding.

You are a cosigner if you secure another person’s bond through a bail bond agency. As a cosigner, you pledge to ensure the defendant will appear in court throughout the trial. It applies whether you:

  • Personally paid the bail bond premium, or
  • Collected money from others to post bail.

If the defendant jumps bail, the bond agency will try to locate the accused, collect the forfeited amount, and return them to jail. If the bond agent is unsuccessful, you must repay the bond agency.

While paying bail cannot affect your credit score, subsequent repercussions can impact your overall credit score. You can post bail using your credit card if you have available credit.

However, failing to make regular credit payments can lead to a lower credit score.

Your arrest is a public record. The arrest record can also include the name of the bail bond agency that posted your bail.

However, your personal information remains confidential, and we can only reveal it upon issuing a court order.

If we still need to answer your question(s) here, please contact us at 760-342-0444. We will go to great lengths to guide you through the legal system to make your bail bond experience easy to adhere to and understand.

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Life's challenges can catch you off guard. Luckily, when arrested in California, you can rely on the reliability and expertise of Indio Bail Bonds. With our seasoned agents, dedication to your freedom, and efficient processes, we can alleviate the uncertainty and stress of the arrest. We understand that time is of the essence and prioritize efficiency and speed to offer the fastest bail services.

Our certified agents are available round the clock to offer advice tailored to your criminal case and answer your questions. We handled every criminal charge with discretion, respect, confidentiality, and honesty. Trust our team to handle your case details with excellence and professionalism, ensuring you can return to work and spend quality time with your loved ones while preparing for your trial.

Please call us at 760-342-0444 to schedule your initial consultation and learn how we can help you.